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Gadsden County Begins Debris Removal

Gadsden County Begins Debris Removal

Quincy, FL – Gadsden County has begun its debris removal process. Debris removal will take place in each county district at the same time and continue until all the debris is picked up.

Do NOT place storm debris/vegetation in bags.

Do NOT place storm debris/vegetation near storm drains, fences, fire hydrants, mailboxes, poles, transformers, downed wires, water meters, vehicles or close to overhead wires.

Do NOT mix household garbage, recycling and storm debris / vegetation.

Citizens are also reminded to place all household garbage and recycling in the proper containers and place at the curb.

Debris from Hurricane Irma should be separated between horticultural (yard waste) and construction & demolition (C&D or structural waste). It does not have to be bundled or cut to length. Do not place piles on sidewalks (particularly in areas of school bus stops) or near mailboxes, fire hydrants or trees in case a clam bucket is used to pick up the pile. 

Gadsden County will make multiple passes for debris removal across the county. 

A graphic of how debris should be placed on the curbside is located online at .



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