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Gadsden County Gadsden County, Florida
Board of County Commissioners Meeting Agenda 04/17/2018

County Commission
April 17, 2018 at 06:00 PM
Edward J. Butler Governmental Complex


Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance


    Pledge of Allegiance

Amendments and Approval of Agenda

Awards, Presentations and Appearances

  1. Resolution Honoring the Life of Mr. James E Peacock
    (Gadsden County BOCC)
  2. Resolution Recognizing the Years of Service for Mr. T. J. Davis
    (Gadsden County BOCC)
  3. Proclamation Honoring Mrs. Mary Brock
    (Gadsden County BOCC)

Clerk of Courts


  1. Ratification Memo
    (Clerk of Court)
    Documents: Item 4

Items Pulled for Discussion

Citizens Requesting to be Heard on Non-Agenda Items (3 minute limit)

Public Hearings

  1. PUBLIC HEARING(Legislative)-Adoption of Ordinance #2018-004 for the Perkins Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendments (SSPA-2018-01)
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/Clyde Collins, Building and Planning Director/ Jill Jeglie, ACIP, Senior Planner II)
    Documents: Item 5

General Business

  1. Approval of Memorandum of Agreement for the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Northwest Rural Area of Opportunity Boundary Change
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator L. Bradford Johnson, Assistant County Administrator)
    Documents: Item 6
  2. Write-Off of EMS Accounts—Bad Debt
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/Andre Walker, Interim EMS Director)
    Documents: Item 7
  3. Approval of the County Email Policy Number 18-02
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator)
    Documents: Item 8
  4. Approval of the County Internet Usage Policy Number 18-01
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator)
    Documents: Item 9
  5. FDOT Highway Beautification Program at I-10 Interchanges
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/Beth Kirkland, Executive Director Gadsden County Development Council)
    Documents: Item 10

County Administrator

  1. Update on Various Board Requests
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator)

County Attorney

  1. Update on Various Legal Issues
    (David J. W eiss, County Attorney)

Discussion Items by Commissioners

  1. Commissioner Eric F. Hinson, District 1
    Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3
    Commissioner Sherrie D. T aylor, District 5
    Commissioner Anthony O. V iegbesie, Ph.D., Vice-Chair, District 2
    Commissioner Brenda A. Holt, Chairperson, District 4

Motion to Adjourn

Receipt and File

  1. FY2018 1st Quarter Community Organization Reports(10/1/17-12/31/17)
    Documents: Item 14

Upcoming Meetings