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Gadsden County Gadsden County, Florida
Board of County Commissioners Meeting Agenda 12-19-17

County Commission
December 19, 2017 at 06:00 PM
Edward J. Butler Governmental Complex


Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance


    Pledge of Allegiance

Amendments and Approval of Agenda

Awards, Presentations and Appearances

Clerk of Courts


  1. Approval to Accept the FY 2017 4th Quarter Report
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/Jeffrey A. Price, Senior Management & Budget Analyst)
    Documents: Item 1
  2. Approval of the 2018 Board of County Commissioner's Meeting Calendar
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator)
    Documents: Item 2
  3. Approval of Minutes
    1. September 19, 2017
      Documents: Item 3a

Items Pulled for Discussion

Citizens Requesting to be Heard on Non-Agenda Items (3 minute limit)

Public Hearings

General Business

  1. Approval of Contractual Agreement between CenturyLink and the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/Morris Young, Sheriff/ Maurice Peddie, E911 Coordinator)
    Documents: Item 4
  2. Approval of the Agreement with the Gadsden County Sheriff's Department to Provide Security Services at the Edward J. Butler Building
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/Clyde Collins, Building Official)
    Documents: Item 5
  3. Selection and Appointment of Members to the Gadsden County Tourist Development Council
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/David Weiss, County Attorney)
    Documents: Item 6
  4. Economic Development Professional Services Contract - Gadsden County Development Council
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/Antonio Jefferson, Chairman, Gadsden County Development Council, Inc./Beth Kirkland, CEcD, Gadsden County Development Council, Inc)
    Documents: Item 7
  5. Economic Development Professional Services Contract - Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Service Center
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator)
    Documents: Item 8
  6. Approval of the Amended Security Force Southeast LLC Contract
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator/Temeka L. Chaney, Probation Division Manager)
    Documents: Item 9
  7. Request to Revoke Authorization for Redeemed, Inc. to Apply for the Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Reinvestment
    Grant and Designation of Redeemed, Inc. as the Applicant on Behalf of the County
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator)
    Documents: Item 10

County Administrator

  1. Update on Various Board Requests
    (Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator)

County Attorney

  1. Update on Various Legal Issues
    (David J. Weiss, County Attorney)

Discussion Items by Commissioners

  1. Commissioner Eric F. Hinson, District 1
    Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3
    Commissioner Sherrie D. Taylor, District 5
    Commissioner Anthony O. Viegbesie, Ph.D., Vice-Chair, District 2
    Commissioner Brenda A. Holt, Chairperson, District 4

Motion to Adjourn

Receipt and File

Upcoming Meetings

  1. January 2, 2017-BOCC Regular Meeting